Volunteer Policies


Download the full Volunteer Policy Document (PDF 0.4M)

Volunteer Policy Overview

  1. Introduction —  This section gives CMCP’s views on volunteering, how we tell volunteers about these policies, and how we make changes to the policies.
  2. Volunteer Roles, Rights and Responsibilities  — This section talks about the different types of volunteer positions; what volunteers can expect from CMCP and what CMCP expects from them; and how we expect volunteers to behave at CMCP; and where volunteer and CMCP duties start and end.
  3. Recruitment and Selection  — This section is about how CMCP finds and chooses volunteers. Our goal is to have a good match between the type of experience the volunteer wants and the work that CMCP has to offer. All CMCP volunteers must provide a Police Reference Check and participate in core skills’ training.
  4. Placement, Support and Evaluation — Here we cover CMCP’s ideas about which volunteers should be offered positions and why; what kind of help we give volunteers so that they can be successful; and how we do it.
  5. Other Terms of Volunteer Placement — CMCP keeps personal information about volunteers private. CMCP promises to treat everyone with respect, no matter what they look like, where they come from, or what they believe. We expect everyone who comes here to treat each other respectfully. We do not allow violence of any kind.
  6. Volunteer Status and Records  — This section includes: what volunteer information CMCP keeps, how we keep it, and how long we keep it. It tells volunteers how to change volunteer roles within CMCP and what CMCP will do when the volunteer is ready to end their volunteer commitment with CMCP.
  7. Conflict Resolution and Complaints — Here we explain what volunteers can do when they are not happy with their placement and what they can expect from CMCP.
  8. Health and Safety — CMCP has comprehensive Health and Safety Policies. This section of the Volunteer Manual points volunteers to those that are most important to their work in programs, including child abuse reporting and emergency situations.

Please Note:  CMCP volunteers must also read and agree to follow one more set of policies called the Health and Safety Policies. Section Two of the Health and Safety Policies “Ensuring Personal Safety” has very important information for volunteers

CMCP happily allows other organizations to use this material, as long as proper acknowledgement of the material source is identified.