Play and Learn Family Drop-in


CMCP hosts a number of regularly scheduled programs, of which some are listed here.  For more information on what programs are planned, you can find this on the Master Calendar page or call 416-532-9485 ext. 221 or 225.

Evening and day-time Play and Learn Family Drop-in
Parents/caregivers and children are welcome to drop in to the program and enjoy our friendly atmosphere. This community based program is designed and planned to provide support and learning opportunities for families/caregivers and their children under the age of six. Come and interact, learn and play together. Enjoy adult discussion, make friends, and spend time with children participating in music, crafts, reading, stories, games, science, math and many other activities.    There are two types of Drop-ins:

  • Play and Learn with Your Infant — specifically for infants
  • Play and Learn Family Drop-In — 0-6 years of age

Play and Learn Family Drop-In Activities
Children and families have access to over 700 developmentally- appropriate toys, games, books and videos and can participate in a large number of activities including:

  • Crafts include opportunities to paint, draw, colour, glue and cut.  Some activities give full creative control to the child, while other crafts are more structured.
  • Reading and stories.  Our age appropriate books are available in many languages. 
  • Toys and games including puzzles, blocks, a dramatic area, cars, dolls, and a wide range of infant toys.
  • Sensory learning experiences including a water table, sand table and home made play-dough.

Infant Rhyme and Song Circle (0 to 12 months)
Join us with your baby and take pleasure in rhymes and games.  Enjoy lively discussions with a diverse group of parents in a relaxed environment.  Share your unique viewpoint and experiences and enable adults and babies to make new friends.

Song and Rhyme Circle (up to 6 years old)
This is a group activity where parents/caregivers and children are sitting together in an activity involving everybody. It’s a special time to share songs, rhymes, play rhythm instruments or enjoy books and stories using props and puppets.  Circle time provides a time for listening, promoting oral communication, and learning new skills.

Snack Time
Everyday in the program children enjoy a delicious and nutritious snacks of fruit, vegetables, whole grain breads and muffins, yoghurt, cheese or other healthy snacks. Children try a variety of new snacks. Although we endeavour to offer snacks that are free of all kinds of tree nuts, peanuts and sesame seeds, we cannot always guarantee they are fully free of nuts. Snack donations are accepted. Please no products containing nuts or sesame seeds.

Fun in the Park (summer only)
Join families in program activities in local parks.