Ongoing Program Offerings


CMCP hosts a number of regularly scheduled programs, of which some are listed here.  For more information on what programs are planned, you can find this on the Master Calendar page or call 416-532-9485 ext. 221 or 225.

Programs and Services

Play & Learn Family Drop In
Parents/Caregivers and children enjoy a family friendly atmosphere while they participate in fun filled interactive early learning activities including outdoor and indoor physical activities, music and crafts, math and science, and much more. Song and story circles are held for infants as well as toddlers and preschoolers.

Snack Time
We serve delicious and nutritious snack to children everyday in the program.  Children try a variety of new snack. All snacks are free of all kind of tree nuts, peanuts and sesame seeds. Snack donations are accepted.

Baby Circle
Join us with your baby and take pleasure in Mother Goose rhymes and games. Enjoy lively discussions with a diverse group of parents in a relaxed environment. Share your unique viewpoint and experiences. Make new friends for your baby and you.

Circle Time
This is a group activity where parent/caregivers, children are sitting together in a circle involving everybody.  It’s a special time to share songs, rhymes, play rhythm instruments or read a story. Circle time provides a time for listening promoting oral communication and learning new skills.

Reading Circle
The Reading Circle is a program to encourage family literacy in an early learning environment.  It introduces pre-reading and early literacy through play, puppetry, props and other interactive activities.  This is an opportunity for children to use different senses to explore with books.  Families will explore interesting stories, sharing their feelings and experiences together.

Reading Circle runs at least once a week.  Toys are removed and all parents and children read to each other or silently. A group story telling circle, songs, games and a snack follows. Parents, caregivers and guests are regularly invited to lead the reading circle.

Parent relief and Occasional Childcare 

We offer temporary child care services for a negotiated time. Children are provided with a safe, warm and nurturing environment where they can interact and fully participate in early year’s activities. This provides opportunities for caregivers to attend to personal family business; go to legal, dental, medical or other important appointments; look for employment; or simply to take a much needed occasional break from their 24 hour childcare responsibilities. Childcare is provided for up to 5 children at a time.

Nurturing Development
This is an interactive on-going program for children and their parents/caregivers. The program is designed to offer extra support for you and your child and provide a quiet space to use play to nurture your child’s development. Toronto Preschool Speech and Language and other community agencies will occasionally partner with CMCP to provide resources when needed. Space will be limited to 8-10 families. Registration is required and staff will work with the families to see who would best benefit from this program.

Rainbow Fun
This is an ongoing parent-child interactive program. It supports the development of basic physical activity skills for young children 2-6 years. Developing these skills in childhood lays the foundation for life long physical activity.

Infant Wriggle & Roll
Gross motor activities allow infants to move and thereby attain different and varied perspectives on the environment. In this interactive program infants will play to strengthen large muscle development and engage in processes of cognitive development, such as imitation and build an understanding of social rules.

Supporting a child with Special Needs (Parenting Group)
This program supports parents who have a child with extra support needs.  The goal of the program is to provide opportunities for the parents to share their experiences, skills and challenges; to support each other and to learn together.  Support is provided for gaining access to services/program in their community and for being liaison between the child’s home, child care and school settings.  Childcare will be provided.

Resource Library
Our Resource Library is equipped with high quality educational resources and books that maximize learning and enhance the caregiver/child relationship. Developmentally- appropriate books and videos are available for parents and care providers to borrow. It is also useful for home child care providers allowing for enrichment of their programs.

Early Abilities – Speech and Language Program (pre-school)
This is a collaboration with Toronto Pre-School Speech and Language (TPSL) and families who are interested in attending this program must be invited to do so through TPSL.

This parent-child group helps children with language development. Before a child will imitate sounds and words they must learn to imitate gestures, actions and facial expressions. A parent child group happens each Monday to help children increase their vocabulary. Parents/caregivers will learn how to play with their child in a way that facilitates interaction and communication. Familiar songs and actions will be carried out to promote joint attention, turn taking, imitation and gestures/actions and repetition of single words. If you have concerns about your child’s language development please speak to our ECE staff.

Information and referral services (on the phone or at program sites) including:

  • Information about child care centres, home child care agencies, childcare subsidies and general information re: child care options
  • Child development information, informal assessment, linkages to more specialized services such as Speech and Language, Health Services, Special Needs, Children’s Mental Health Centres, Community Living, Community Health Centres and more.
  • Information and linkages on housing, food, employment training, social assistance, child abuse, wife assault, health/safety and more.
  • Participation by Health Nurses, Nutritionists and other professionals who will address general health issues –Breast-feeding, Nutrition, Safety, Behaviour Management, Speech and Language.

Outreach and community development
We continuously survey our community’s need with respect to the care and well-being of young children and their families using a variety of strategies to determine need.

Child Care Registry
A registry of caregivers available to provide care for parents requiring care for their child/children. Potential caregivers’ names are available to parents at programme sites. This is not a referral service. CMCP does not accept responsibility for screening care providers. Parents are responsible for screening caregivers and monitoring the care of their child.