Strategic Plan


College Montrose Children’s Place

Highlights of Strategic Planning

2014 through 2017

1. Serving Vulnerable Communities

Without compromising CMCP’s commitments as a universal program open to all families, it is particularly important that vulnerable families are being reached, and that special needs are being addressed.
“vulnerable” here is defined broadly to include low income families, non-English speakers, recent immigrants, families with physical or mental health challenges, LGBT etc.


2. Enhance Fundraising Effort

a) increase the amount of funds raised each year with a target of raising $100,000 annually by 2019; the represents approximately 10% of the total budget
b) develop and implement a plan for a more structured and more diversified approach to fund raising; the development of this plan will be led by the Development Committee

3. Succession Planning

  • develop plan to address anticipated transition in the executive and board ranks