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College-Montrose Children’s Place directly operates programs.  We also partner with other community providers to deliver programs and services.

CMCP Administration Office
180 Shaw St., lower level
Artscape Youngplace,
Toronto, Ontario M6J 2W5.
Phone 416-532-8100
Email: info@cmcp.ca
Office is open Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm
To explore volunteering at CMCP please contact Filomena at 416-532-9485 x 229 or email at fcosta@cmcp.ca

All CMCP directly operated and satellite sites (Map)

CMCP Directly Operated Program Sites


Main Site

180 Shaw St., lower level 2
Artscape Youngplace,
Toronto, Ontario M6J 2W5.
Phone 416-532-8100

Use the Shaw entrance only. The Argyle door is an exit for our program and will remain locked at all times.
Program Calendar

St. Helen’s Children’s Place
Mary McCormick Recreation Centre
66 Sheridan Avenue  Telephone: 416-533-2829
Drop-in hours:  Monday to Wednesday 9 am – 3 pm
Program Calendar

Gooch Family Resource Program
3735 Dundas Street West  Telephone: 416-358-0031
Drop-in hours:  Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday 9:00am-3:00pm
Program Calendar

Lambton Park Community School
50 Bernice Crescent  Telephone: 416-358-0031

Drop-in hours: Monday 9 am – 2:30 pm


Our Partners in the Trinity Spadina Riding

Cecil Community Centre
58 Cecil Street  Telephone: 416-392-1090
Email: cecil@sympatico.ca

Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre
627 Queen’s Quay West  Telephone: 416-392-1509
Email: hcc@harbourfront.ca

St. Alban’s Boys’ and Girls’ Club
843 Palmerston Avenue  Telephone: 416-534-8461

Toronto Cross Cultural Services Association
302 Spadina Ave, Unit 206
Email: info@tccsa.org