Parent Relief and Occasional and Emergency Childcare


Need a break? Have an appointment? Ask staff to help.
We only ask that you respect our policies and procedures.

 How to use the program?

  1. Discuss your childcare needs with staff.
  2. Obtain a childcare registration form.
  3. Ensure that you complete the form carefully.  Make certain that all the requested information is complete.
  4. If you or your child/ren are challenged by separation develop a gradual separation plan with staff.
  5. If you are  not the parent of the child ensure you have a signed permission note from the parent of the child/ren.
  6. You may now book a time with staff.
  7. By law we are not able to care for more than 5 children at the same time.
  8. To ensure that all children receive quality care staff may limit the number of children being cared for at any given time.
  9. When possible please book you childcare ahead of time with staff.
  10. Don’t hesitate to ask on the same day.  Be aware that it may or may not be possible given the circumstances of the day.
  11. Usually first come for first serve but priority is given to emergency needs.
  12. In some case we may cancel a reserved space that is not urgent.
  13. Priority will be determined by the staff.
  14. This is not appropriate for ongoing childcare.
  15.  Typically, the maximum care period is 2 weeks

“ Moms don’t have enough sleep. Our parent relief is a major bonus. I feel really good when a mom says, ‘ I was able to sleep 2 hours’ ”.  CMCP staff member