Ontario Early Years Centres


Ontario Early Years Centres
OEYC is a set of planned programs that support parents and caregivers of children 0 – 6 years including:

  • Early learning and literacy programs
  • Programs that support parents and caregivers in all aspects of early childhood development
  • Programs for new parents/care providers on pregnancy and parenting
  • Outreach activities to ensure all parents and caregivers can become involved

The first six years of a child’s life are the most important.  How we raise our children during these early years can set the stage for lifelong learning and future success. Early Years programs help children thrive by boosting their education, literacy, social, play and creative skills. The Centres are also dedicated to enriching family life by offering support and education in a caring environment and by ensuring access for all families. Our friendly atmosphere is an ideal place for both children and adults to make friends and feel connected to their community.

Many of our programs are based on OEYC initiatives and we share their vision of creating places where parents and caregivers can:

  • take part with their children in a range of programs and activities
  • get answers to questions
  • get information about programs and services that are available for young children
  • talk to Early Years professionals as well as other parents and caregivers in the community

College-Montrose Children’s Place manages OEYC programs in Trinity-Spadina and operates satellite sites for the Toronto-Davenport OEYC and the Toronto – Parkdale – High Park OEYC.

For services and OEYC for:
French speaking families and caregivers Centre Francophone
Native Child and Family Services Aboriginal OEYC