EarlyON Child & Family Centre


Welcome to Early ON Child & Family Centre located at 180 Shaw St. LL2

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CMCP staff would like  everyone to feel welcome and supported. We want to maintain an accessible, clean and pleasant environment  for your family’s enjoyment. When you arrive we ask that you please.

  • Use the Shaw entrance only. The Argyle door is an emergency exit for our program and will remain locked at all times.
  • Important Notice: Participants please leave your strollers outside on the ramp, north side of the main entrance to the building, do not block any of the bicycle parking spots in the bicycle shelter.   This bike shelter is provided by the city to park bikes. Hence, we do not have the permission to park strollers there.
  • Please always bring a pair of socks for the mat area in the infant room
  • In Winter remember to bring indoor shoes or slippers for yourself and your child/children.

 As always please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement or you need support to use the program. This program is here to support the needs of the community. Contact us at  info@cmcp.ca