Workshops and Support Groups


CMCP hosts a number of workshop, events and support groups, of which some are listed here.  For more information on what programs are planned, you can find this on the Master Calendar page or call 416-532-9485 ext. 221 or 225.

Make the Connection (0 to 12 months)
Make the Connection is an 8 week program for parents or caregivers with children from birth to 1 year. The program consists of hands-on parent-baby activities, parent discussion, videotaping and social time. For more information please call 416-532-8100

Stories and Rhymes
This program is for parents with children ages 0-12 months.  Children, parents, caregivers participate in 1 ½ hour of playing using songs and finger plays.  Parents will be able to interact and play with their child while doing songs and stories.  We welcome the sharing of songs old and new from the parents.

Preschool (2 to 6 years old)

Rainbow Fun
This is a 5 week parent child interactive program. It supports the development of basic physical activity skills for young children 2-6 years. Developing these skills in childhood lays the foundation for life long physical activity. *Registration required.

School Readiness
A developmentally appropriate, play based program for 3 and 4 year olds who are preparing to enter school, this program provides support to children and their caregivers in their transition from the home to school environment. This program provides enriched, developmentally appropriate social, recreational, educational opportunities in preparation for school entry. Children are introduced to a structured, classroom environment that helps them deal with separation from their families. Activities include but are not limited to arts and crafts, dramatic play, sand, water, music, structure building, gross motor activities and social interaction. The goal is to develop and reinforce speech and language; problem solving and self help skills, literacy and numeracy skills, and social maturation. For more information call 416.532.9485 ext. 221 or 225.

Family Math Program
Family Math is a six-week program especially for 4-6 year olds and their parents or caregivers. This program focuses on fun ways of introducing young children to the 5 strands of mathematics that they will encounter in school. It helps parents and caregivers to see math in everyday situations.

Family Literacy
This is a 4 week program for parents, caregivers and their 3 to 4 year old children. Each 2 hour session has 2 parts. In the first hour adults and children participate separately. A family literacy specialist leads adult discussion on increasing children’s interest in language and reading. In the playroom, an early childhood educator offers the children planned activities designed to boost language development.  In second hour of the session adults join the children and have an opportunity to practice what they have learned.

Parents and Caregivers

Parent/Caregiver Support Groups
This program is for families from culturally diverse communities.  At least once a year it is offered in Portuguese and Mandarin as well as English. Anyone caring for children up to age six is invited to register for this program, including mothers, fathers, grandparents, and other caregivers. This program will help families gain a better understanding of how children develop and how they can support that development. Parents and care providers will learn effective ways to develop a child’s self esteem, and build their own confidence as parents/care providers. A light dinner is served. Childcare provided.
*Registration required

Success By Six and Nobody’s Perfect (English, Portugese, Mandarin – speaking families)
Nobody’s Perfect is a parenting program for parents of children from birth to age 5.  It helps parents develop the knowledge, skills and self confidence that are so essential to raising children. It also encourages support networks among parents, families and friends.

Kids Have Stress Too (Age 3 – 9 years)
This is a 4 session program that helps parents better understand stress and children.  This program will help you learn effective ways to help your children deal with stress. There are many opportunities for sharing with other parents.  To reserve a space please call 416-532-9485 x 221 or 225.

Caregiver Training
This is a free introductory twelve-week basic training program for anyone in the community who is and/or may be interested in obtaining work as a Home Childcare Provider. Caregivers attend weekly and explore topics such as communication with parents (including developing an employment contract), child development, positive behavior management, and activities for young children, resources in the community, health and safety and CPR/First Aid. Trainees will receive a certificate of participation upon satisfactory completion of the program.  For registration please call 416-532-9485 x 221 or 225

Peer Nutrition Program
This is a free program about healthy eating for your children 6 months to 6 years. Learn to make healthy foods for your family, build skills in shopping and cooking, make new friends and share experiences. Child care is also available.