2018 Big Toddle Festival – August 11th, 2018







A huge THANK YOU you to everyone who made our Big Toddle Festival such a success.   The festival was a huge success, as seen by all the smiling faces.  We couldn’t have done it without all of the support we received from this caring community.   Thank you for helping us bake, organize, attending and of course collecting pledges for the Toddle.   We had such great weather and it was nice to see our families having such a great time.   TThank you to everyone for coming out and supporting CMCP…..we appreciate it.


A special thank you to all who participated in the Big Toddle and big shout out to all of our sponsors and supporters for making this day possible:

Ryan Couvrette
Starbucks (Queen and Ossington)
Venezia bakery
Liberty Dance
West Neighbourhood House
Parks Canada
Toronto Public Health
Brazil Bakery
Pirate Life

Toronto Police
our amazing DJ Nick Graver
and all of our wonderful volunteers