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Easy walk to get to school in the morning when the last class already, and easy to throw into the effort to stop the bike almost full to the brim flutter out of the shed, remove the key to the classroom to catch. All students in the class, only sporadic floating out from the classroom teacher to explain voice echoed in the empty campus. Have also had this experience, in the silence of the campus, and even the leaves shaking, nhl jerseys cheap could hear a clear echo. Throughout the campus like an abandoned white hospital. Easy walk went to the classroom door, shouting report. Turned to the teacher, carrying a bag away from easy to comprehend that this is not the original "late this lesson the students," but "today absenteeism morning," the students. Then his face became extremely ugly. Stopped speaking a few words, just so easy to come away from the class. Easy walk away on the seat, was about nhl jerseys for sale to remove the bag from the shoulder of his hands stopped at the half, his eyes no way to remove the nail firmly on the desk. After a child, easily turned away suddenly, Tang millet shouted: "Don millet, put your desk to give me in return!" Everyone, including the teachers have been easy to throw the inner voice shocked, stunned after the first few seconds of the past, the teacher blushed, "You give me away easily sit down! Class now what you roar!" Don millet hurriedly stood up, faltered explained: "I'm sorry, teacher, it was my fault, I think today is not easy to walk to class, I was put on temporary tables and others soiled her for a moment." And then come back , easy to throw on the stoop nodded sorry, "I am now, and you in return." Don millet dragged back to the dirty table on their seats, is preparing to sit down, then looked up camel suddenly realized: "? Hey, how do you know that the table is my ah?" Easy to sit back away suddenly stiffened. No way turned around. Or not turned, as one can imagine are filled with nhl jerseys china pure puzzled face. It is conceivable that such a face, one after another around the "Oh ......" "ah?" Monosyllable "Well ......" in a variety of emotions, is how slowly it becomes a proud and proud face, like a banner of victory, as the high ground on a fluttering, fluttering sound. Qiming head down, did not even look up strength. Outside is a chill in the nhl jerseys sky. Whistling of the wind, across the glass, clear scratch ear. 86 "Pork! Teacher pay more spoonful ah do not be so stingy!" "The most hated vegetables." "Fat disgusting ah." Teams lined up in front of the cafeteria door window, every day at noon like this. Slow movement of students, can only choose some difficult to eat the rest of the dishes. Qiming ease away standing ranks last. Qiming leaned out and looked at the front of the team is still very long, slightly sighed. Easy touches away, it does not matter stood, his face no expression. Almost across the line position, standing Tang millet. Finally, a lesson because of the emergence of twists and turns, so the teacher can only be to Tuotang to make up for lost time. Lead to collective ranked team in such circumstances behind it, is taken for granted.  


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